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ITI Courses in 2020- List of ITI Courses After 8th, 10th and 12th

You might be wondering why one should opt for ITI courses after finishing their 10th or maybe after finishing their basic education? What are the top ITI courses list? How one would get benefitted from choosing ITI courses rather than traditional engineering, medical or management courses after clearing their 12th exams?

Well, the questions and their answers might be overwhelming. In this article, you would get some clarity with what ITI courses are & what are the top ITI courses that you must look for when choosing your career stream.

First thing first, if you want to start early and want to get a direction to your career, then courses offered by ITI after class 10 is one of the best options that you should fo with.

If you are so clear with what stream you want to pursue, ITI courses after 10th would help you to choose specialisations based on your interests.

The best thing about Industrial Training Institutes(ITI) is it offers diverse programmes not only for the interest of engineering but also covers non-engineering fields too.

What are ITI courses?

ITI courses are offered by ITIs or Industrial Training Institutes that are usually organizations or training centres at multiple locations in the country that are focused on providing an easy solution for early employment to students after completing their school.

These training centres with proper educational setup along with real-life applications and hands-on train students for technical as well as non-technical career preferences.

ITI courses benefits

Apart from the traditional career choices of being a doctor or an engineer, there are other beautiful and fruitful options available out there. This is what ITI proves. There are multitudinous benefits of choosing an ITI course:

  1. Easy employment
  2. Early job selection and settlement
  3. No requirement of being an expert to pursue a course
  4. No need to study a regular 3-year degree
  5. One can pursue an ITI course even after 8th, 10th and 12th standard

ITI courses after 10th

Name of the Course Stream Duration
Tool & Die Maker Engineering Engineering 3 years
Draughtsman (Mechanical) Engineering Engineering 2 years
Diesel Mechanic Engineering Engineering 1 year
Draughtsman (Civil) Engineering Engineering 2 years
Pump Operator Engineering 1 year
Fitter Engineering Engineering 2 years
Motor Driving-cum-Mechanic Engineering Engineering 1 year
Turner Engineering Engineering 2 years
Dress Making Non-engineering 1 year
Manufacture Foot Wear Non-engineering 1 year
Information Technology & E.S.M. Engineering Engineering 2 years
Secretarial Practice Non-engineering 1 year
Machinist Engineering Engineering 1 year
Hair & Skin Care Non-engineering 1 year
Refrigeration Engineering Engineering 2 years
Fruit & Vegetable Processing Non-engineering 1 year
Mech. Instrument Engineering Engineering 2 years
Bleaching & Dyeing Calico Print Non-engineering 1 year
Electrician Engineering Engineering 2 years
Letter Press Machine Mender Non-engineering 1 year
Commercial Art Non-engineering 1 year
Leather Goods Maker Non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Motor Vehicle Engineering Engineering 2 years
Hand Compositor Non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Radio & T.V. Engineering Engineering 2 years
Mechanic Electronics Engineering Engineering 2 years
Surveyor Engineering Engineering 2 years
Foundry Man Engineering Engineering 1 year
Sheet Metal Worker Engineering Engineering 1 year

Students have options to apply for ITI courses even after 8th standard. These are basically designed for the students with financial problems and somehow have to support their families and hence are unable to continue further education. However, anybody can choose programmes with their interests.

ITI courses after 8th

Name of the Course Stream Duration
Weaving of Fancy Fabric Non-engineering 1 year
Wireman Engineering Engineering 2 years
Cutting & Sewing Non-engineering 1 year
Pattern Maker Engineering Engineering 2 years
Plumber Engineering Engineering 1 year
Welder (Gas & Electric) Engineering Engineering 1 year
Book Binder Non-engineering 1 year
Carpenter Engineering Engineering 1 year
Embroidery & Needle Worker Non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Tractor Non-engineering 1 year

ITI Course Exam and Certification:

  • On the completion of the candidates’ classwork, they can appear for the AITT (All India Trade Test) that is organized by NCVT (National Council of Vocational Training).
  • And once they successfully pass the AITT, candidates will be awarded a National Trade Certificate that enables them to practice different ITI courses.

The students after clearing their ITI courses can get jobs in different sectors, both in private as well as government workshops and various other government job profiles.

Despite having options in engineering (B-tech), medical and management courses, people should once look at these ITI courses that can ensure job settlement far earlier and without even investing much.